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July 30, 2009


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I'm deeply sympathetic to the over-all point, but I have to say that my experience of the caveman ads is not at all your experience. If I read your point right, your feel that we are meant to ridicule the caveman for being offended, but the cavemen are portrayed as sympathetic cultured folks who are maligned by the gross stereotype of the fictional Geico ads. We might laugh, but in the tradition of sympathizing with the hapless treatment of a protagonist we identify with.

We agree that Geico comes off looking bad in the ads, but I think it's only the "fictional Geico" that maligns the caveman. The "real Geico" implied by the ad is hip, cool, ironic, and sympathetic to the poor cavemen. And regardless, the more we talk about the ad, whether it's funny or offensive, the more Geico sticks in our minds and we'll think of them one way or another when we think about car insurance. Classic Stan Freeberg.


Hey Herx,

I agree with you, historically. I think something has oddly changed with this add. The lack of joke or punchline, the lingering cruel shot on the caveman's face... i think it's coming from a different angle.

it coudl also just be a terrible commercial that backfires.

malachy walsh

While this particular ad might backfire for you, for me, you're over-thinking this.

Or put another way, it's a stretch for me to see this ad as symptomatic of relations between "liberals" and republicans or a backlash against being PC.

I'd be a little less kind to the ad if it were a beer ad sending up women, old people, guys who are sensitive, etc, but it's an ad with cavemen.

It's absurd.

Thomas Garvey

I thought it was funny.

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