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July 30, 2009


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I'm not an easily offended person, obviously. In fact, I make a living creating television that pushes the limits of taste and then spend my free time writing plays that I'd like to think are pretty bold in their humor as well. That said, I'm just not able to go there with jokes at gay people's offense. Like you said, we don't even really have civil rights in our own country yet and I still get called a faggot by random strangers enough that it's difficult to find humor in "paging doctor faggot".

The pain and torture and constant fear I experienced as a kid is one of the things that makes me who I am today. Hell, it even helped make me funny. But it also gave me a sense of when people were laughing WITH me or laughing AT me. At "The Hangover" it was totally the latter.


I haven't noticed a resurgence of homophobic language - maybe an increase. For the last 15 years (at least), homophobic language has been a constant part of the culture. It's in television comedy shows - watch some old episodes of Friends or some new ones of Entourage. I saw Ice Age 3 yesterday with my son and it's even there - in children's entertainment. Granted it goes over their head (it's a cheeky aside for the adults), but by having it there in the first place communicates to children who and what the culture thinks is acceptable to make fun of and eventually it will connect with them.

Karl Miller

I think Cartman's anti-semitism works as humor for a third reason: he's a spoiled, sexless 10-year old kid. Whenever I hear Beck or Hannity shrieking about race, I see the same.


Just because you use the word faggot doesn't mean you hate gay people...


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