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September 10, 2009


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In defense of playwrights, I think that some writers add notes like this in out of experience. Some actors like to dwell in emotion instead of action, and said actors will attempt it whether the pacing is self-evident or not.

I didn't have to put that note in my script, as I'm producing it myself. I'll be sending it out after our production, again without an author's note, but I'll essentially be trusting other artists to not be idiots.

malachy walsh

I'm not a big fan of the "Here's what you shouldn't do" critique that Karl's engaged in here, but I'll give him this: He admits to commiting some of the sins he speaks of in his own 160 page (160 page!?) play.

Even so, I'm tempted to say sarcastically, "Thanks for telling me how to write a play - I'll just whip one up like you ordered right now!"

My one specific disagreement: "Writers are lucky because a good play will ultimately survive an under-rehearsed performance."

Ultimately, no one really knows if this is true.

Karl Miller

I totally hear where you're coming from, josh ... I think repeated exposure to the staged reading has given writers and actors alike their own set of peeves. Now that I'm trying my hand at both sides of the craft, I have to reconcile those peeves as I commit them. No offense at all to anyone who can make them work.

Malachy, consider yourself commissioned! I want a 34-character epic about Sweden on my desk by dinnertime!

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