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October 05, 2009


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Ack! Spoiler alert earlier, please!

Prince Gomolvilas

Whoops! I thought my spoiler alert was early enough. Maybe it's just not noticeable. I'll make it bigger and colored. Thanks.


No, thank you! I did blow through it a little quickly. The color helps.

Joshua James

I read the script sometime last year and quite enjoyed it ... SPOILER ... and the invention of religion as a lie was my favorite part ...

One should note, however, that Gervais isn't the sole author, it was actually written by an American screenwriter / director who got the script to Gervais, who loved it very much and developed it with him (I believe they now share credit on it).

But a great idea ... I'm not sure how much has changed, but I loved it.

Prince Gomolvilas

Hi, Joshua, thanks for the additional info. Yeah, if you dug the script, you'd probably dig the movie. Some terrific performances and a handful of fun cameos.


you left out the part when the main character comes to the door looking an awful lot like the artful interpretation of Christ. That's the point where I popped out the CD and returned it promptly to the store. They let me exchange it for another rental, nice folks.

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