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October 17, 2009


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I don't know Opus, but I know Michael's work a bit. He's also got the benefit of being a member of a regional theatre in Philly that generally produces all of his premieres. I was actually really happy to see him on that list.

Eric Ziegenhagen

Saw An Empty Plate at the Cricket Theater in Minneapolis years ago -- pre-dates Lapin Agile, but similar, with Hemingway in the place of Einstein. I feel like I saw it developed at PlayLabs years ago as well, or maybe it was another of his plays.


I saw Opus at 59E59, but even before that I'd read it a few years earlier and had LOVED it. It's a pretty straightforward play - almost soap-opera-y story of a string quartet. But it's really wonderfully written, great dialogue and really sharp characterizations. I loved the production in NY, too. I think it's a wonderful play.

You mention that August Wilson's the only writer of color. I think it's equally worth mentioning that Sarah Ruhl's the only lady.

I have to say, too, that boom's success makes me really, really happy. It's a great play, and not a very safe or old-fashioned one. (I love me some Donald Margulies, but come on.) It's not the easiest play to get right, either - I hope it's getting some good productions.


Good point, Jaime. I think because of the recent talks about race + theatre, it was just on my brain.

I too am happy boom is getting as much play as it is.


Boom is the most produced play in America? That warms my heart. Go Peter!

Joshua James

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, at least half of the playwright's on that list are deceased, are they not?


Almost...four out of eleven. Though two did die in the last year or so.


I saw Empty Plate at Access Theater a few years back. I recall it being banal enough to be done just about anywhere. It will neither offend anyone nor change their life. Perfect for the regional theater circuit.

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