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October 19, 2009


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Isherwood is the worst. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed his cameo on Gossip Girl. He adored the Constance/St. Jude senior production of The Age of Innocence, which is only fair. Blair was wonderful in it. So was a Nelly Yuki, costumes in a fat suit and seated upon an elegant chaise lounge.


Aaron Grunfeld

One of my biggest frustrations in moving from dramaturgy to journalism is the antagonism betw. artists & critics. Artists adopt a defensive, ironic posture ("Ooh, you're the enemy, har har!") when they hear I'm a critic (so I've been calling myself a "journalist" instead); many fellow critics seem to snub or flee from artists rather than converse casually.

I guess I'm saying that there's already an attitude of confrontation betw. critics & artists. Maybe the move online will exacerbate it (or maybe diffuse it?), it'll definitely change.

Unfortunately, I suspect career critics will try to differentiate themselves from the casual review ("I got cheap tix to a show thru work last night: I loved the show, it was so moving!") by displaying expertise & knowledge, & adopting an air of seen-it-all cynicism. It'll grant them (us) more authority.

But I think the smarter path is through enthusiasm -- I see tons of theater cuz I love the moment when the lights dim & anything can happen next -- & constructive dramaturgic criticism. Fill the role that most productions can't afford! Offer notes for the artists on what works, what doesn't, & why, and provide some theatrical context (historical or contemporary) for the audience. As I've moved online, that's what I'm trying to do more of, anyhow.

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