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October 13, 2009


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I don't get paid for the reviewing I do, and I get to pick and choose the things I want to review, so I usually only go to things that I think sound interesting or have a reasonable expectation of being good. I guess I'm pretty lucky that way.


I think that essential state of "Who knows what we're going to get" is the key thing about theatre. In some ways, it's a feature. In others, it's a bug. But I don't think there's any particular way to avoid it.

Tony Adams

I think making a living and making theatre are too often confused for being one in the same.

The only time I began to truly hate theatre is when I had to rely on it for my income. I was that designer doing 25-30 shows a year in addition to other hats.

But I was thinking along the same lines yesterday.

The single most artistically liberating thing I've done in my life was learning to say no. Of course it took opening 7 shows in three weeks to learn that.

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