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December 21, 2009


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I'm getting a little tired of you writing what I wish I would have said. Cut that sh*t out please.

With that said, you have the situation pretty well summed up. From the perspective of the suppliers (those who create art) theatre is a growth industry with more plays and more productions of those plays happening every year.

But that supply well exceeds the demand for such things and that is a perfect cocktail for the fear you talk about.

I always try to remember that the supply/demand equation that makes up theatre could also be used to describe a ton of other industries, so it's not like the grass is really greener elsewhere.

For some that's a small consolation, but it helps me make it through the day.


Clearly it is not a zero sum game if we don't let it become one. There's such a tiny percentage of the population that ever intersects with what we do-- it's wide open! If we were trying to sell a new bottled water or if we were doing our work on a platform that had been made obsolete (and I know folks will want to argue that one, but I just don't buy it) maybe. This arguing over scraps is self-inflicted. This is the year we start to pull together in the direction of greater relevance, participation, and effectiveness as a field. Those wanting to continue wrestling over the status quo need to move-on-dot-org: "Your old road is rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a changin'" Happy New Year!

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