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December 08, 2009


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Your almost there with the clarification, Isaac. 9 of 10 of the playwrights with advanced professional training in their survey got it from one of 7 institutions: Columbia, Yale, NYU, Brown, UT-Austin, Iowa, and Julliard (which doesn't offer an MFA but does offer advanced professional training.)

The distinction here is that 63% of the participants had "advanced professional training". So it's not a stat about 90% of all surveyed playwrights having degrees from one of 7 schools. It's a stat about 90% of the playwrights with that training attended one of seven programs.

Either way there's a tremendous narrowing that's happening and a huge impact from these 7 schools on what contemporary playwrighting looks like.

I've requested permission to post the entire section from their report on the blog at http://npdp.arenastage.org and when I have that greenlight I will do so.


I'm actually still confused, after all the discussion, on just what this stat means. Is it:

a) Professional theaters are disproportionately producing plays by graduates of these seven programs.

b) Graduates of these seven programs are disproportionately represented in this survey.

c) Graduates of these programs are so large in number that there are more of them than there are graduates of other MFA programs.

d) both (a) and (b) Graduates of these programs are disproportionately represented in the survey because they are disproportionately produced by professional theaters.

At a base level, I'm unsure what this data point is supposed to be telling us.

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