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January 05, 2010


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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist!

Ha! I agree with 99 Seats. This Garvey's Law or Holtham's Law is totally true. Can't tell ya how many mediocre playwrights I've come across who tried defending their plays by invoking the law.

if someone thinks my play is shit, then I'll listen to them why my script sucks and then figure out what kind of improvements I have to make to my play.


If I do say so myself, well said! A totally smart and right-on expansion. Plus you gotta love a cricket bat to the face.


I think your corollary ("If you use Shakespeare or Beckett as an excuse for your own work") combines 99 Seats' "Shakespeare Law" with another rule, which is basically "Don't use other people as an excuse period."

I mean, people who throw paint on a canvas and say "Well that's what Pollack did" or "I can make fun of the Holocaust because the Holocaust movie Divided We Fall did" are committing the same sin of logic.

If someone questions your work, it's because they thought you did something wrong. Something that worked in a different context may or may not work in yours. You need to defend your work in your context.

Or you'll apparently get a cricket bat to the face.


You had me at Abe Goldfarb hitting someone in the face with a bat. In fact, any rules you want to implement are fine with me, as long as they are policed in this manner.

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