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January 28, 2010


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I'll probably still see it, but I get what you're saying about endings like that. I think it may be more the fault of a script doctor or producer or whatever. The same thing bothered me about An Education. SPOILER COMING She drops out of school senior year to get married, and then when she decides to go back is rejected. She seeks help from her English teacher. And somehow what should take at least 20 minutes, and provide us with a long look at the power of the student-teacher relationship, hard work, etc. takes about 5 minutes. and, yes, I think some of it may be montage. I'm going to get a hold of the book to see if it was the same there. I doubt it. I also doubt the original screenplay tried to tie it up so quickly. I thinkk this may be an issue of some idiot higher up who thinks audiences don't want to watch someone go through a hard, lengthy recovery. Doesn't follow the instant gratification American way.

Paul Rekk

Maggie's best performance since Secretary? Really? She was working for it, that's for sure, but for the first half of the film, I was thought it was an interesting choice that they weren't going to acknowledge the character's emotional disorder. Only later did I realize it was just Maggie trying to make something out of a script that didn't care much for her or anything but guiding Jeff Bridges' character down this path so it could redeem him.

I mean, I agree with you about the third act, but I felt I was watching a checklist much of the way downhill as well.


No way that woman was going to fall for that old coot. Beyond the border of suspending disbelief.


I agree with the fact that the recovery period was completely unexplored. However, the point of the movie, at least to me, is not what the character goes through; it's how he deals with it. We knew from the beginning that Bad had written some great songs, and in his initial interview with Jean, he subtly admitted to writing them from experience. Although, for the the viewer, it takes an entire movie to understand the special place in a man that each good song comes from. The song itself is the plot of this movie for me. Crazy Heart seems to be an exhibition of the origins of music, of how song is an artist's primary outlet for pure emotion. I have seen no movie to date that better captures this phenomenon.

Terry Teachout

Vanishing act--good line. Jeff Bridges ought to be as admired as Robert Mitchum (I think David Thomson was the first to make this comparison). But he doesn't act like a star, no matter how you mean the phrase. He just takes care of business. Hence he isn't known in the way and to the degree that he ought to be.



Thanks! I love Jeff Bridges, I think he's my favorite movie actor (and by far my candidate for Best Actor Of His Generation). I love how unshowy he is, particularly when all the incentives point to doing operatic movie destroying actory performances (I'm looking at you, cast of Mystic River).

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