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January 11, 2010


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Ian Thal

Art Hennessey at Mirror Up to Nature has already started to compile a list of Boston area productions, and while he's not yet done, his http://mirroruptolife.blogspot.com/2010/01/most-produced-playwrights-in-boston.html>preliminary findings seem to conform to Teachout's findings.

Scott Walters

Here is what upsets me: that the TCG database isn't complete, isn't searchable, and exists only in paper form. WTF? What century are we in?

Rob Weinert-Kendt

Scott: We're still in a century where a nonprofit publication has a very, very small staff and relies in large part on a subscription-and-advertising model; hence the effort we put each month into our print magazine. I am as frustrated as you that this information isn't databased and accessible, and I'm doing my part to work on it here, while also doing all the other things it takes to stay on top of new news and information.

Dennis Baker

Thanks Rob and Art for doing the grunt work. Looking forward to the details.

Rob Weinert-Kendt

Actually, I've been corrected. There is a version of what we're all looking for here: http://tcg.org/tools/profiles/member_profiles/main.cfm?CFID=17992779&CFTOKEN=78727773
Use the "advanced search" by playwright and we're in business.

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