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January 27, 2010


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Jason Grote

I'm having a kid. Also, my Clubbed Thumb commission is going to the Bielefeld Festival in Germany, and to The Colorado New Play Summit, and to Sundance, and I'm directing a live comedy thing at MOMA. Of course, hearing about good things happening to *me* might not cheer you up (except maybe the kid).

Aaron Grunfeld

Last month, The Myopia, Lear & the Under the Radar Fest. Stephen Dillane at BAM, Liev Schreiber on B'way.

And there's plenty of theater to see next month! Just this week, starting previews:
Clybourne Park, Norris/McKinnon, Playwrights Horizons
Happy Now?, Coxon/Diamond, Primary Stages
A Lie of the Mind, Shepard/Hawke (& a kick-ass cast), The New Group
Mr & Mrs Fitch, Beane/Ellis, Second Stage
The Pride, Campbell/Mantello, MCC

And that's just Off-Broadway! So many funky shows to see, only 28 days in the month.


I'm having a kid too! And Mac Rogers is getting married! And, at the Devoted and Disgruntled weekend, Brian Cox showed up and asked me what he could do to help independent theater! (I told him to make Super Troupers Two: Electric Boogaloo. It probably won't help independent theater, but it would make me really happy...)


I, too, am having a kid. And my close friend Isaac Butler is getting married this summer. After a long absence, true hero Greg Mosher directs in New York. (I have never in my life paid full price for Broadway, but I am going to this time.) Next Fall didn't replace their fantastic cast with celebrities when they moved to Broadway.


No kids or productions on the horizon, but...I do have a date on Friday night.






Mark Schultz

My partner and I got a couple new bookcases, so our overflow has a place to live!

My cousin is engaged!

Burns Night was Monday, and we drank a bit of scotch and watched I Know Where I'm Going, one of the most beautiful of the Powell and Pressburger films. Also sang some of Burns' bawdy ballads to Erich while he cooked supper. That was fun!

I like what I'm currently writing!

I discovered Hakim Bey's lovely Black Crown and Black Rose manifesto on anarcho-monarchism and anarcho-mysticism. What fun!

Candlemas is just around the corner. I love Candlemas!

Been re-reading Philip Ridley lately (somebody MUST do a Mercury Fur production in New York). What fun!

Looking forward to The Aliens at Rattlestick!

I could go on, but I'm afraid I'd just be boring. After a bit of a recent depression, every little thing seems golden.



The Denver Center is collaborating with the Buntport Theatre kids (hmmm... they ain't kids anymore, are they?) to create a work based on the life of Nikolas Tesla -- but its reading schedule isn't on the NPS summit track, which maybe gives them some room to move...


"This new production is said "to incorporate technology in unexpected ways and is intended to attract a new generation of theatergoers while engaging audiences that do not traditionally attend the theater."

Buntport will workshop its script in the early summer of 2010, culminating in a public reading at the Denver Center."


So, okay -- pub theatres.

Is it licensing in America that makes it easier to have music acts in bars instead of theatres?

Is it our separation of art from drinking? Cabaret laws?

'cause if we want to find the audience we presumably want most nights of the week, there's beer involved....


oh, i had one more to add...



My wife and I can't have kids. And last week our plans to adopt fell through...sorry...I'll wait for another thread.

Travis Bedard

We can't get comprehensive HCR but we may just get true grassroots #newplay reform.

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