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January 27, 2010


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Scott Walters

I tend to agree with you, Isaac. When the regional theatre system was invented, it wasn't invented by Broadway insiders, but rather outsiders in Houston, Dallas, DC, San Francisco and Oklahoma. When it went off the rails was when NYC took notice and tried to get in on the action: Guthrie hired stars and took a show to Broadway, Lincoln Center was treated as if it was part of the regional theatre circuit (it could never get free of the hit-or-flop mentality in the town) and Irving Blau was lured from San Francisco to take over the place (a serious betrayal of someone who could have been a spiritual leader), and Fichlander destroyed her ensemble transferring "Great White Hope" to Broadway.

The regional theatre circuit is now what Broadway was in the 60s. I'm not certain we can break free of its paradigm enough to create the type of serious reform needed. Maybe we can -- David Dower is someone to be reckoned with -- but it is gonna take some tough talk. And I don't think I have the patience for it, myself. Maybe you don't either. I'm willing to help by providing an alternative voice, but I'm more interested in searching for the new Houston-Dallas-DC-SF-OK thing.

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