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January 13, 2010


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Christine Evans

You write,
"That list includes three freelance playwrights, two artistic directors, an arts policy wonk, a ex-literary manager, a current literary manager, a college professor"--and 100% men. Think about this for a second, in relation to recent reports from the field of the status of the most "discouraged workers" of all-- women playwrights. Do you just not know any women, or don't you think any of their opinions matter in discussing the field?



I am so glad you bring this up, as it was a real concern of mine in the process of putting this group together.

First off, I'm just going to ignore your assumption of bad faith and instead explain what happened: . I e-mailed a list of bloggers to do this, the list you see above (which is all male, admittedly). I reached out specifically to theatre bloggers whom I have a personal relationship with first, which is more male-centric than I would like, but that was my starting point.

We initially agreed on a start date of February 1st, and as a group agreed that we would like to bring more women on to the conversation. I took it upon myself to do so.

What happened next was a series of logistical snafus and, admittedly, a few failures on my part. First off, I got too few free copies from TDF to distribute. Then a female blogger whom I had tapped to do it became unavailable. Before I could reach out to others, the following things happened:
Then we decided to move the start date from Feb. 1st to January 13th because there was a lot of conversation already happening about the study and we wanted to be a part of it.
Then a friend of mine died and I had to go out of town for his funeral.
Then some stuff at work happened that proved quite consuming
The end result: I basically lost track of the project entirely until two days ago.

I'm not proud of that. I should've worked harder to be inclusive of female voices, I agree or should've delegated some of that to others. But it was largely the end result of a series of unfortunate events that thwarted an active effort on my part to recruit more female writers.

I will also say that our group is simply a group of people who want to get the conversation going. It is by no means meant to be exclusive. If you, or any one else, wants to write about Outrageous Fortune, i will gladly read, link-to, respond and discuss whatever you write. Just drop a comment on this or any other outrageous fortune post or drop me an e-mail at parabasisnyc at gmail dot com.


Christine Evans

Hello Isaac,
I am sorry I came across as assuming bad faith, and for the snippy tone of my comment! (Problem of hitting "send" too quickly.)

Anyway thank you so much for your reply, and for the extended invitation to me (and whomever) to chime in. And also for getting the ball rolling on this conversation-- an important one to be having I think.

Chanel J12

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So happy to hear from you!

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