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March 27, 2010


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Ok, I'm a little sheepish about making this comment but what the hell -

Welcome to Minneapolis! Come see my show tonight at the Playwrights Center (you know, where they give out the Jeromes). "Music Lovers" at 8 pm. With music and beer in the theater after the show.

What the hell? It'd be nice to meet ya. I enjoy your blog.

I can also give you some first hand insight into the conversation you describe above, if you want it.

You're welcome to bring the literary people along. We won't discriminate. Promise.

Alan Berks


o. for more info:




alas, i have already left minneapolis... it was a very short visit. i may be back in a couple of weeks. wll your show still be up?


I, yes, anonymous I, have yet to meet a living playwright who said anything about the Guthrie except, "The Guthrie sucks, but the building's cool."

But, I, anonymous I, don't know Tony Kushner, either.


Unfortunately, no, the show closed this weekend. But if you're back in Minneapolis, look me up. I'll happily give a more than glancing view of our little theater world, if you've got the time.


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