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March 22, 2010


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We still have so much further to go.
Isn't it weird how in elementary and middle school you're taught to think that we live in the best country ever? Then, you grow up and realize just how messed up everything is.
I'm not convinced yet. Ok, so preventive services/screenings are covered, but how many times--meaning if I get one MRI of my back and there are artifacts so you can't read it do I have to wait one to two years for another one? (There was an article in the Times about a year ago about how innaccurate those things can be and how sometimes you really need to do it 2-3 times.) Or what if I just want a second opinion?
How is this all enforced? I have a friend whose health insurance through work doesn't cover blood work and x-rays. Will he have to report his employer or is there a task force ready to inspect everyone?
Oh, and by the way, in a perfect world, all birth control would be free with mandatory counseling.
Ok Isaac, post a link to the bill. I dare ypu to dedicate one post every day going through some aspect of it.


You don't have to dare me, Sasha, you could just read any number of blogs by health care experts. That's what I do. I'd start with Ezra Klein's blog. He's pretty much owned the subject of health care, does interviews with experts in the field, talks to Democrats and Republicans etc. He's an establishment Democrat, but he's also a great blogger. His blog can be found here:



Sorry, "dare" wasn't quite the right word. I know lots of people blog about it, but my point is that I don't think the people who read your blog are necessarily the same people who read blogs like Ezra Klein's. So, it is taking a slight risk to really focus on a topic that isn't the main point of your blog. The thing is I think lack of health care has a bigger effect on theatre people and freelance artists. I'm not sure that these are the people who read Klein's blog.
Also, I have to admit, I'm wary of anyone's paraphrasing of the actual bill because there have been so many incorrect statements about it by both Democrats and Republicans. It is pretty damn hard for the average person to get through this:
So yeah, I'm just trying to get someone, anyone to really go throuh this page by page. I mean every line requires you to look something else up. For example, I don't know if "poverty line" is determined by state or county. Medicaid eligibility is done by state rather than county. So, people in NYC have to be making nearly cardboard box-living wages in order to qualify for it. All I've heard about the bill is generalizations, not numbers and specifics. I know it's not your problem, but I guess this is just a general plea for someone to really break this thing down.

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I believe there still more room to develop the bill. The reformed bill has improved the previous one but as a developing nation, I hope we don't stop at that.

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