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April 06, 2010


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Scott Walters

Yes, apprenticeships were (and I would suggest are) a good way to introduce young people to the profession. But back in the day, you were apprenticed to a specific artisan who took personal responsibility not only for teaching you what you needed to know to enter the profession, but also for providing you with room and board during your apprenticeship. You went from apprentice to yeoman to master craftsman by means of a series of tests, and it was the responsibility of the person to whom you were apprenticed to teach you enough to make that first step. In other words, there was a direct connection between what you were learning and future employment. This is simply not the case with most internships today. I'd be all for returning to the apprenticeship model (it would be a good replacement for the MFA system), but only if it were modeled on the apprenticeships of old.


I toss myself into the internship fray here:


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