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April 13, 2010


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I worked with David Mamet at the St. Nicholas Theatre in Chicago in the 1970's. I was very young, and wisely (for the most part) kept my eyes open & my mouth shut. We had only a few brief conversations, but I got a glimpse into how a good play was written.

The two singular events in my life as an arts consumer were watching "American Buffalo" (I was privileged to attend the world premiere)and listening to "Never Mind the Bollocks, It's the Sex Pistols". In both cases, I was taken by the phenomenon that vulgar, offhand ideas & behavior that I had witnessed casually thrown about on the streets of Chicago could be represented, quite beautifully! The artistic experience validated my life experience.

I lost interest in DM after enduring "The Untouchables", as formulaic a piece of boilerplate as has ever visited the screen. He left the street for the sake of shallow comfort, and went F. Scott on us.

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