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April 13, 2010


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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

hahahaha, ohhhh geez.

P-S I agree with you about the meaning of anti-Semitism. being a Muslim, I'm always quickly accused of being anti-Semitic when I criticize Israel. Um, Ok.


Isaac, you should know by now that the Blame the Blacks and/or Jews train is never late.

Ian Thal


Criticizing Israeli policy isn't necessarily anti-Semitic, but sometimes it is.

When the criticism is built upon a fair-minded analysis of facts, it's perfectly reasonable.

When the criticism is steeped in misinformation, prejudice, double-standard that apply one moral and legal code for Israel, and a far more lax version for the rest of the world, and anti-Semitic mythos, then you bet your tuchis it is.

Oh and just so you can distinguish between Jewish activist organizations: AIPAC, by the way, like J-Street, focuses almost exclusively on an American-Israeli affairs. With regards to a clerical anti-Semite, you want to deal with the Anti-Defamation League.

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