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April 12, 2010


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Scott Walters

I'll bite -- why?


Yeah, I read that a few days ago, and even though I haven't been seeing jack, I thought, huh? To Healy's credit, the board did override the jury. "Next to Normal" wasn't even a nominee. So, you never know.
The Pulitzer peeps like stuff about American life. I'm guessing that's why Healy chose what he did. I have to be honest, I haven't seen "Next to Normal" because it looks cheesy, but I suspect the actual book for the musical might be pretty damn good. I have a feeling, or at least I hope, that the Pulitzer committee is filled with sharp people who understand the difference between the script of a play and the production of a play. Most agents can't tell the difference, (God, I saw that all the time working at a lit. agency. All the agents want to do is SEE the show rather than read the damn thing.), and neither can a a lot of reviewers.


Oh, and the other thing is that Healy was picking them like he was picking the Tony's. There's a lot of marketing and bribing by production companies to win a Tony. They send packages with t-shirts and all sorts of nonsense to voters. With the Pulitzer, you just mail in the form.


Ok, just read the later posts. So maybe the committee is not filled with sharp people who know the difference between reading a play and seeing a play.

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