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April 29, 2010


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Productivity gone.

Anne Moore

I actually really like Anne Lamott's nonfiction writing (her fiction doesn't do much for me, but *Operating Instructions* is so, so good), but even if I didn't, "Shitty First Drafts" is hands down the most generous and useful essay I've ever given to my freshman comp students. Setting aside the thrill that first-year students get from an essay on writing that has a curse word in its title, this essay really helps them to let go of the idea that every sentence has to be perfect, and once that happens, I kind of feel like my work is done.

Anne Moore

PS- should I change my screen name to "clitoral stimulation" or something like that? That seems to be the current trend.

TRy mY gr8 dealz on shoes! Sexxxxy time!~


Yeah, the "Shitty First Draft" essay (and "Bird by Bird" in general) was a HUGE help to my writing. Thanks for the link; I shall certainly be passing it on.

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