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May 20, 2010


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I dunno. There's nothing about this year, in particular, that seems any more golden than last year, or the year before it. I'm just glad that more and more, people are beginning to acknowledge it. (And still not much about the rise of young actresses like Milioti or Pill. Ensembles like Nature Theater of Oklahoma or Debate Society or writer-led groups like Young Jean Lee's.)


Wait a minute... this is blowing my mind! Every month or so, Michael Feingold writes some bullshit about how things were better in his day. Now all of a sudden we're living in a theatrical golden age? So he gets to spend years slamming my generation of theatremakers only to turn around and suddenly say we're great?


Aaron- The point of a Golden Age is that it's more than one year. I think you can make an argument that some companies, performers and trends are starting to come to maturation and hitting their stride. There are certainly miracle years, but there are also extended periods of greatness.

And, Isaac, sort of corollary to that: maybe the scales are falling from his eyes, or maybe he's seeing the maturity of the artists. Or maybe he was at a company party, had a good time and just went with it.


99, I get that a Golden Age lasts a long time, but he's not saying that we've *been* in a Golden Age (as Isaac points out, he's been pretty unflattering in the past), he's saying that we're suddenly in one. To me, this is akin to a man panning for gold in a diamond mine: he's so dead-set in what he considers to be valuable (and to be the one that deems it so) that he drills for years before finally acknowledging the riches that are there and trying to reclaim them as his own discovery.


I don't read it as him saying, "I just noticed we're in a golden age!" I read it as him saying, "Huh. I didn't notice that we might be in a golden age. Why didn't even I see that?" For all of us out here criticizing and commenting and for all of the talk about how great London theatre and Chicago theatre are, we ALL do miss some of the diamonds in our backyard.

You and Isaac and plenty of others are well within your rights to say, "I told you so!" But...does that discount the idea? And, really, does that undermine the question at hand: do you think we're in a golden age of New York theatre?

Tony Adams

But it's not just that Chad Deity got significant development in Chicago. The majority of the cast, the director, and the designers are Chicagoans.

Which isn't any sort of a knock on New York, but I think it's another reason for artists in different cities to work together and see each other's work whenever possible. A golden age is awakening all over, me thinks.

David Cote

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. However, the dog can pretend it knows the tricks.

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