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June 30, 2010


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Ben Owen

It's so sad. Starz! should keep this going as a prestige project, in the same way as Murdoch keeps The Times running at a loss. Except better.

Aaron Riccio

Aw, and just when I'd taken the first season out from the library. Well, at least Starz is doing Torchwood: Season 4 and has the go-ahead with Spartacus Seasons 0 and 2.


Just finished watching the second season last night. Such a fun show. Sad (though not surprising) that it's been canceled.


Just watched the first six myself - they're great! But yeah, like Aaron, I'll forgive Starz anything for Torchwood.

The Crazies

Very sad to hear that its been canceled. I love this show. Its really a fun show and I love watching it.

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