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June 23, 2010


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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

i had no idea she wrote plays. i've only read ANTHEM by her in high school but never got around to reading ATLAS SHRUGGED. should I?


Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist,

For your own sake, do NOT read Atlas Shrugged unless you want to feel really, really angry.

The only thing I can say in response to this news item is BARF.

Ian Thal

Also don't bother with her "philosophical" writings. Her idea of argumentation is to call Immanuel Kant "a hippy."

No, I did not make that up.



Do yourselves a favor and read Matt Ruff's SEWER, GAS, ELECTRIC. It's a Neal Stephenson-esque steampunk corporate satire mixed with a full throated and hysterical takedown of Ayn Rand, who appears in the novel as a hologram that doesn't know she's a hologram.


Ayn actually wrote three plays (which are available in print as a set). Night of January 16th is her most famous (was a hit on Broadway in 1935), mainly for the gimmick- it's a courtoom drama in which the jury is made up of audience members who decide which ending of the play occurs.

I quite liked Ideal when I read it, though found Think Twice a little heavy-handed.

Ian Thal

"Neal Stephensonesque" as in playful prose style and satirical sense of humor or "Neal Stephensonesque" as in cardboard characters and weak plotting?

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