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June 22, 2010


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Not to be too glib, but how about we just make college free for everybody like in many other 1st world countries?

Problem. Solved. You're welcome!


I've got two degrees from New York University. When I read about Munna's situation, I felt gratitude for having gone to college when I did. I have double-digit student loans, but I'm also confident I can pay it off. My debt is about the amount you'd pay for a new car these days. Tuition when I went to school (early 90s) was not the $40-50K a year people are paying today. I wouldn't do it for that amount - but I'd also like to think that my educational experience there was valuable.

No one suggested Citibank back then, but I do remember the NYU financial aid office being akin to Hell. Awful Stalinistic people worked there who did their best not to be helpful. I would seriously be surprised if it has changed. I used to cry and get stomach pains having to deal with people there - and I wasn't alone in feeling that way.

BTW, I'm surprised that this discussion hasn't included the point about the 2007 student loan kickback scandal.

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