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June 20, 2010


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Ben Owen

You're spot on about the opening short. The whole thing was a play on form, but as you say affecting. The incorporation of dialogue was brilliantly done--at first just another kind of thing emanating from within the space of the characters, but then becoming thematically relevant. And neither of them actually speak! God I love that. It was also a wonderful use of 3D, though I think that it would still be a treat to watch in 2D. Oh, and yeah, the main feature was really good, especially in the third act, though I think you're being to hard on the rest of the film, the incidental pleasures of which were immense.

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The opening scene was soooo promising! I remember I watch the scene so thrilled saying to my friends LoL every second , I think every-boy in his youth was playing like a cowboy in a western movie !Pixar did a great job

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Yes i really like this movie. I want to watch this movie with my kids again and again ;) There are so much positive things and feeling after watching Toy Story 3. Btw when Blu Ray will be released? I want to buy it for my collection and for my kids. Pixar Thank you!!!


I have to admit this is a great movie. My son sat through the whole thing and did not move except to go to the bathroom. This is the first one he saw. Now I'll have to get the others to complete his experience ;-).

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On the other hand the Times chart may have well been just a table. What was the use of the donuts? Your chart did a great job of actually visualizing the data and conveyed the illustrated concept much more clearly.

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