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July 29, 2010


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BOOM! That's awesome, Ben. I've always wanted to read Love and Rockets, but kind of feel overwhelmed by it.


Also, Ben, have you been made aware of the tea party comics going around? Oy vey:


Ben Owen

Re: Tea Party Comics--oh God, that is vile. It's funny, I celebrate the mini-comix impulse precisely because it lets people get their ids on paper, but then you actually see what's in some people's heads and you find yourself longing for a little repression.

Re: the podcast--Thanks!

Re: Love and Rockets--feel overwhelmed no longer! I believe the folks at Champs Not Chumps put up some links to handy-dandy internet guides on how to read L&R. Please be aware that the best place to start reading Jaime's work is probably not the beginning. If you pick up The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. collection, that begins right in the mid 80s when he'd found the more interesting themes and stories we talked about in the podcast.

Re: your graphic novel--I don't actually know any artists personally (except a couple through very minor e-mail correspondences)... yet. But I'll keep my eyes open, and will plug your project whenever the opportunity arrises.

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