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July 16, 2010


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I was pretty much despairing today over that demoralizing feeling of repeated truth (about a different concept, but the same basic idea), so this was exactly the kick I needed to get out of it for a minute. So thanks!

Ben Owen

I love this, especially how you emphasize how the ways in which the world will be fixed are likely to be unimaginable, and different than we expect. And also that two explanations can pertain to one thing. That video is, as you say, easily and perhaps rightly dismissed in the context of a homophobic DADT-bound military, and yet if you'd asked me a few months back, before I saw it, whether a video of active duty soldiers vamping to Lady Gaga was going to be the next big thing on the internet, I would have scoffed. When we are surprised it is our obligation to emphasize that we were surprised (I say this as a reminder to myself), and not to allow cynicism, paranoia, or cool to incorporate everything.


This is a terrific piece. I've been mulling it over the weekend, reading and re-reading it. A lot of food for thought.

I'm eager to check out Eve Sedgwick's work. I've been reading some essays by Ralph Ellison and there's some overlap there.

But I don't know that I ever thought of these videos (there's also one of a college acapella group that made the rounds) as gay minstrelry, with all of the baggage that brings. Whoa. That takes it someplace really deep.

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