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July 14, 2010


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I pasted a number of passages for analysis.

I write like Mark Twain.

So does William Shakespeare.

Mark Twain writes like Leo Tolstoy.

Leo Tolstoy writes likes James Fenimore Cooper.

And H.P.Lovecraft writes like James Joyce.

(James Joyce also writes like James Joyce, so there may be something in it.)


But who does James Fenimore Cooper write like? If he writes like Mark Twain...that would blow my mind.


I got Charles Dickens, which is HYSTERICAL.

Ben Owen

Based on my most recent post to this blog, I got Dan Brown too. I think I used too many "the ____" adjectives when describing people. Fuck. You think if I'd put some psychotic old school racism in there, along with a couple references to shoggoths, I would have got Lovecraft too? (PS, now I have the Aesop Rock remix of the Mountain Goats "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" stuck in my head--not a terrible thing.)


That remix sounds like the opposite of a terrible thing.

I'm not sure how I managed to get Lovecraft without the racist subtext or a mention of the old gods. I did have a section about a nameless terror and tenacles. That might have done it.

Tony Adams

Apparently, I write like Vladimir Nabokov with a hint of Ray Bradbury.

Ben Owen

99, if you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor. Sketch Theatre video and (legal) free download right here:

It's funny, the description of the tentacles and nameless terror in your post must have been so effective in driving me to the brink of madness that I blanked it from my memory...


i scanned two and it said Douglas Adams for both, which I don't see but of xourse consider a great compliment, butbthen it said my post on the Double Down was like Margaret Atwood, so I have to call bullshit.

Ian Thal

I got a different response depending on which play I fed into IWL: Kurt Vonnegut (I'm guessing the WWII references did it), Stephen King (a macabre and blasphemous comedy), and Ernest Hemingway (no clue). Never read King and I detest Hemingway,

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