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July 09, 2010


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I think it mostly got canceled because no one gets Starz, and Netflix streaming does not a series budget make.

But also, yes, with only 10 episodes per season and not much money, when the stars (z?) got other jobs between seasons, they left. Since the whole thing was kind of fly-by-night, they didn't have the kind of contracts they would have on a "real" series. Fair enough.

Aaron Riccio

They are talking about doing a movie, though. Then again, I'm still waiting for that Veronica Mars film.

Ben Owen

I like the title of the companion piece from the AV Club, "Lizzy Caplan cruelly starts getting your hopes up about a Party Down movie." It captures the sweet, painful longing I feel about the dim prospect of these hipster shows being revived. The very thought of that 10-minute teaser for the fourth season of Veronica Mars still makes my heart ache.

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