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July 23, 2010


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There's a really cool play in Hollywood right now called "MilkMilkLemonade." It'll be in Berkeley in a few weeks too.


I've just finished re-reading Adverbs by Daniel Handler. Really amazing.

Ben Owen

The FX sitcom Louie, of which I've seen the first three episodes (four have aired so far, I think). If you've enjoyed Louis CK's standup in the past, then this a decent approximation, just within the limits of basic cable's tolerance. Watch the poker game discussion at the beginning of the second episode. It seemed, to me, refreshing that the show was willing to discuss homophobia in comedy without laughs, but I'd be curious to see what other people think. Oh, and also the Cartoon Network cartoon Adventure Time. I guess it's for kids, but only in that kids are probably good at appreciating unadulterated awesomeness. Seriously, it is some wonderfully strange and beautiful stuff, unbound by logic or cliche stories.


Ben, I've been watching Louie too and I'm really liking it so far. It's so depressing for a sitcom (which is a compliment coming from me.)

Ben Owen

Josh, glad you've enjoyed it too. I also really like how depressing it is. I'll keep watching as long as it remains relentlessly focused on mortality and physical collapse.


Never thought I'd recommend a movie, I rarely sit in the dark unless it's to watch real, live people, but I did enjoy The Kids Are Alright. I need some good, local theater rec's. And I'd recommend this http://www.newmuseum.org/events/462, although I hope to be playing softball with LIT/Dish/etc. at the time.


@ RLewis: My show The Starship Astrov is currently in the MITF on Theater Row and is awesome.

Carl Benson

For once I'll recommend something I have absolutely nothing to do with - The SF Olympians Festival. Twelve new plays by 14 writers each focused on a different Greek god. Very cool, very smart, very accessible. http://www.sfolympians.com/

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