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August 28, 2010


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Erlinda Brent

Reclaim the Civil Rights Movement? Doesn't make sense. If the Civil Rights Movement needs to be reclaimed, Glen Beck is not the man to do it. Neither is Sarah Palin. They are both cringe-worthy, and playing on the fear and ignorance of a lot of people. MLK must be spinning in his grave, and having a good laugh before he starts to weep.

Andy Buck

A technicality: I don't know any liberals -- decent or otherwise -- who deny that Ground Zero is hallowed ground. The fact that it is, actually, was our point six years ago when the GOP Convention spent a week desecrating and exploiting it. The point now is that the proposed mosque isn't at Ground Zero, it's four blocks away in a neighborhood of delis, strip clubs, and discount outlets. The opposition to the "ground zero mosque" is purely and entirely an election-year gimmick.


It is funny, according to my darkly cynical outlook, to see whites on the Right wanting to "take back" the civil rights movement--a movement they never had any love for until now, when they think they can get something out of it. And what is it they want out of it? Lower taxes? Throwing the lazy and shiftless off welfare? It shows a fundamental ignorance of what civil rights are, and what struggles went on in this country to achieve the historic legislation and social changes that nearly tore this country apart 40+ years ago. I don't know the demographic make-up of everyone at Beck's rally, but it's pretty clear that his message (and Palin's, too) is talior-made for the rural American who hasn't been many places, and who doesn't know much outside of what comes through TV and radio, particularly today, when one can watch and listen to custom-made news and commentary which never challenges the viewer's original worldview. To them, "civil rights movement" is just another buzzword, so why shouldn't they appropriate it?


Christopher Hitchens just called the event "the Waterworld of White Self-Pity."


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