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August 05, 2010


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It's all Caribu Coffee out there.


I expect a full report on The Mall of America.

Josh James

They don't drink soda, they drink pop ... and all pizza sold by the slice is called New York Slices ...

Seriously tho', they have a pretty cool scene there ... good theatre, good music ... just buy some long underwear for the winter, cause you may have heard that it's cold, but brother, hearing and feeling it, two different things.


Caribou isn't all that great.

Dunn Bros is a nice option - they're scattered throughout the Cities.

If you're close to Birchwood Cafe, you'll definitely want to give that a shot (good food and coffee): http://www.birchwoodcafe.com/

Coffea in Uptown Minneapolis is good too.


Woo hoo! It's about time. My boyfriend took a few classes there. He said it was great.
MFA in Creative Writing. . .I gurantee you that by th eend of it you will have written some fiction as well. I'm going for fiction--specifically for children--and I constantly find myself writing adult fiction and nonfiction too. I bet you've got a lot of awesomeness stored up.

Scott Walters

I am a U of MN alum -- got my BA in Theatre there, then lived in the Twin Cities until I was 28. It is a great city, with a terrific theatre scene. I found the campus a bit HUGE, but didn't know at the time just how huge it is. Where are you living? Good luck, and enjoy!

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