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September 23, 2010


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I don't know that I'd say there's no independent TV model: stuff on the web treads a fine line between serialized short film and bona fide TV series. I think there's something happening there, but it's not happening with a lot of fanfare or hubbub, in part because it weirdly lacks "outsider" cred, or any compelling, package-able narrative for the press to hold on to. There are a surprising number of enterprising, independent creator/producers out there, making web series and such, but it's all done fairly cheaply, but usually by people with some professional experience, which gives it some style and it's just bubbling along. Since I started working on my webseries, I've brushed up against this world quite a bit and it's pretty lively and interesting. I just think the big corps haven't figured out how to monetize it yet, so they're wary of it.


Also, the comment thread to that A/V Club piece is an absolute riot.

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