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September 23, 2010


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I feel like such a sucker because I was drawn in so much. It's going to have to work pretty hard to sustain any interest more than wanting to know what the hell they're all talking about. Right now, there's about half an actual character among all of the people.

I wonder how JJ Abrams was able to convince ABC to give him a double-episode premiere for LOST. That might have helped this show. In the LOST premiere, the second hour was when we really got the good stuff. Except for the awesome Kate-sews-up-Jack's-back scene.

And I'm totally down with you: either aliens or alien abductees.


I agree that the lack of character is a major problem with this premiere. Adam told me to stop recording it because of that; I'm considering giving it one more week. I love plot, but this was a little ridiculous. I actually hated the jumping around in time, which is a technique I love when well done, but when it's poorly done, it's one of my most hated storytelling techniques. This is why, for instance, I like the movie Memento, where the style of time-jumping was intimated related to the plot and content, but HATED the movie 21 Grams, which was just trying to trick you into thinking a really schmaltzy, cheesy story was smart. My suspicion is that The Event is more 21 Grams than Memento. The funny thing is, if they had told the story in a straightforward way, with Josh Ritter going on vaca with his lady and then she suddenly disappears and the ship has no record of him, I would have been way more into it, because even if you don't know much about the characters, that's an almost irresistible emotional and intellectual hook. As it is, I just feel like it's smoke and mirrors, and they're trying to trick me. The disappearing plane, though, is a pretty undeniably cool idea, I'll give them that.

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