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October 10, 2010


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I enjoy Caprica but I suppose I keep finding it to be a bit slow; either I'm only interested in Zoe and Daniel's storylines, or I just want to pace of Battlestar Galactica Reboot back. But I've got patience.

As for fixing not-watching-Fringe stat, yes! This recently became *the* show I can't leave sitting on the DVR without watching immediately.

I've been having difficulty getting people into Fringe because there's a lot of muddle to wade through in the first season and a half or so when back-watching a season on DVD. I've been "curating" what episodes to watch and what episodes to skip; the AV Club
suggested a pretty good 20 episodes to watch before starting on Season 3 under "Addendum for new viewers", with a shorter "catchup" of 6 episodes.

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