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October 21, 2010


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Have you seen the taped version of the B-way Passion? They couldn't just tape it in front of audiences because of the titters, and the non-live result is cool, hypnotic, dreamy, and better than the two live versions I saw (B-way and Signature). I treasure that experience because how often does one say in theater "it's better when it's not live."


Wellbutrin mixed with Prozac kills you? That makes absolutely no sense. It's documented that bupropion speds up the removal of fluoxetine from one's body. That constitutes an underdoes, assuming there is such a thing. Um, why isn't someone making a bigger deal out of this? All I can figure is that CBR misunderstood the coroner's report. It's not the combination of the two drugs. It's the combination of things like caffeine and/or high blood pressure with Wellbutrin. Prozac has nothing to do with it. Prozac and Wellbutrin are prescribed together all of the time. It is really really really difficult to overdose on either one. I'm kind of surprised no one is looking into this.

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