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October 22, 2010


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Keith Josef Adkins

I agree! As a co-artistic director of The New Black Fest, I was overwhelmed and hyped and grateful for the amount of energy and enthusiasm that showed up for our events. Black theater artists (from every corner of the Diaspora) are hungry to participate in work that speaks specifically to them. They're hungry to share in the deep and wonderful diversity that lives within our creative communities. I did wonder why so few reps from the city's larger institutions showed up to help us celebrate, or even send us a "Good luck!" I certainly show up for nearly every play and reading and workshop (which, in most cases, exclude opportunities for artists of color) they present. Oh, well. As my mom would say, "Keep pushing." This is a time for change and momentum and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep my fellow artists inspired and encouraged. The New Black Fest is here to stay!


I'm sorry, I'm confused. You did a festival of great work and didn't tell folks about it, and now you let us know that you're dissapoint that we didn't show up? I would have loved to have seen some of this stuff, and am sad that I was not invited.

I know that the theatrosphere is dead, but I still hit a ton of blogs dailey... far more often than I should admit, and I don't recall seeing anything about this festival in months. How did I miss this? Is diversity a one-way street?



The festival was heavily marketed. Not on Parabasis, but it was heavily marketed.


Ditto to what Isaac said: we were featured in the Times and Broadway World. I didn't write about it here, except in the early phases, but I also included links to the mailing list, which folks were more than welcome to come. We also sent out e-mails, had a Twitter feed and a Facebook page (or two). I don't think we were going under the radar. Especially since it seems like every black theatre artist in New York and in several other cities had heard about it and showed up. But, yes, you're right in the "general" theatrosphere, there was nary a peep. And, yes, the exact question is "How did I miss this?"

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