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October 22, 2010


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Anne Moore

Is it right on? I don't know. His act of balking on DADT seems to me proof that things *won't* get better, at least not if he can help it. This video just feels like he's co-opting the rhetoric of a movement so he can seem to be on our side when in fact he's reinforcing the systems that keep the very hierarchy he's critiquing in place. I call bullshit.


That's a good point, Anne. I think viewing the message outside of its context, I find it right on. But you're right about what happens to the message when you consider the moment it is being delivered in.


What struck me was Obama telling bullied gay and lesbian kids to find an adult they can trust. Well, I imagine for a lot of these kids there is no one they can turn to for help. It's the adults who have failed them.


Agreed, Esther. Then again, maybe reaching out to the adults who HAVEN'T failed them can help - a teacher or parent might be culpable because of inaction, but there might be another relative, a principal, a friend's mom, whatever, who maybe can help. Not always, but at least "tell an adult" reinforces the message that the problem is with the bullies, not the bullied, and that the bullies should be taken to task.

Though I also agree about DADT. Sigh.

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