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November 17, 2010


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My friend Sherrine is from Milwaukee and she found Dawn of the Dead a difficult watch. "That's MY mall!"


I've been trying to read something larger into the series, something topical and I think you hit it pretty well. I'm still not sure about what Twilight says about our society. Except we really do like crap.

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Whatever they say. I like the film, suspense is my thing.

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I struggled through the first three episodes of TWD, wanting to understand the fascination. When the last man standing at Atlanta's Center for Disease Control whispered his awful secret into the main character's ear (which secret I learned from a fan of the show) that all the living also have in them the virus that eventually manifests, I had my metaphor: the wages of sin is death. But the GIFT of eternal life is available in Jesus Christ, and him alone. Something Hollywood will never reveal.

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