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November 09, 2010


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I've only read the first two comics, so I don't know where the story goes for the long haul, but it's my belief that a television show set after a zombie apocalypse has tremendous potential for exploring stories that go in different directions. Most interesting to me is the idea of re-building human society under duress. I think groups of people always try to find a new level, a new norm, and having characters try to define that under these circumstances could take the best of Battlestar Galactica and build on it (without the onerous weight of go-nowhere spiritual pseudo-arcs about destiny and crap like that).

This kind of storyline could innovate and complicate the predominant Romero "the real monster is us" theme, which always favors the movie format because the evil of the surviving humans usually brings destruction on all of the characters very quickly (check out the fun, disposable Brit miniseries "Dead Set" for a great recent example).

I tend to think a zombie apocalypse would bring out the worst, best, and lots of stuff in between in people, in a manner similar to most actual real-life catastrophes. There are genuine ways to explore this in the ongoing-television format. (There are some interesting ideas in this direction in the Mira Grant novel "Feed," though that's only about a zombie semi-apocalypse.) Obviously I don't know if "The Walking Dead" will go this route. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the abnormally well-produced zombie mayhem for as long as it lasts.

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