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December 04, 2010


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I never thought I'd say it but bring back The Walking Dead Roundtable!

Rob Weinert-Kendt

I can't wait, personally. I will be enjoying it vicariously. I got into the show very late--like, fourth season or so, so my initial experience of almost all of it was catch-up binging, though not at your pace. I'd be interested to know if the stuff that seemed diverting and non-essential to the plot at the time will seem like filler now. I also wonder if the "rules" of the show--how you become a vampire, how you can reverse, how you kill them--totally hold up throughout. Things got a little squirrely and X-Filey near the end, if I recall. Oh, and also, how the big bads compare watching them in such proximity. I'm still partial to Harry Groener's mayor, and that senior year season, but I'm sure I've forgotten some highlights. Onward indeed!


I've been watching Buffy reruns on Logo a lot lately, in no particular order. It's interesting - episodes I remember not at all fondly, taken out of context, are pretty good! It was so easy to fall into the negativity of a weaker season, or "that episode was such crap compared to last week" when the show was still new. Now I realize that even a bad Buffy episode is (usually) a pretty great hour of television.


i've never watch buffy before but as a couch potato, of course i heard of it. therefore, i've been on buffy marathon, watching as much as i can with the time that i have and also the episodes that i have. and i'm definitely turning into a buffy fan.


I was thinking about this issue just the other day. Because I've heard a great deal of praise for it, and also because it's available for streaming on Netflix, I've started watching Friday Night Lights.

Last week, I watched an episode and thought, "Hmm. That was good." And that was it. This week, I watched another one. Neither this week nor last was I compelled to watch more than one episode, and my first inclination is to treat that as a failure of the show.

I'm so accustomed to gobbling up TV shows en masse due (as you said) to the advent of TV-on-DVD and Netflix/Hulu streaming that I feel I should want to consume episode after episode, that that is how TV is meant to be appreciated. But it's not. A show is meant to be taken in slowly, in bits - or at least it was, only a few years ago.

Because the entire series of Friday Night Lights is at my fingertips, because I can watch as many episodes as I like, I'm compelled to think of it as less-than if I only want to watch one. But the truth of the matter is, if I had caught it on TV the first time around, I would have thought to myself, "That was pretty good. I'll watch it again next week," and that would be that.

The inception of "serial binging" is great in that it paves the way for things like Lost which, I'm convinced, could never have survived in the world of its predecessors (like the X-Files) where you either had to catch the show from the beginning or jump in and figure things out as you went along. But on the other hand, other excellent but more subtely paced shows will whither without a grabby hook to prime them for collective consumption.

Anywho, those are my thoughts. I'm really psyched to read about your binge on one of my very favorite TV shows. I had a very different experience from most with Buffy - came into the show late (6th season) and while I watched the final two seasons episodically, I just sort of episode-hopped from season to season with the rest, without any real regard for order. Some of my favorite seasons (4 and 6) are widely regarded with distate among the Buffy faithful; I think this is in huge part due to the fact that I never really had a chance to develop any conceptions about the show or the characters that could be shattered as the show evolved.


Additional sub-questions: What resonances emerge as you re-engage with stories and characters *you* developed relationships with at an earlier point in your life? Particularly since the extended Buffy arc is, at its core, a coming of age story, what does the act of re-watching it kick up in terms of *your* story?

I did the Buffybinge over the summer, and was surprised by how often my now-30-something self identified with Giles.

Chanel J12

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