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December 24, 2010


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Is the reboot of buddy cop 2 sold out already?


And Marfa is one of the greatest secrets in the country! shhhh...


I won't be in New York for it, sadly.

Elisabeth Vincentelli

I wholeheartedly second Percival Everett's I Am Not Sidney Poitier. One of the rare novels to make me laugh out loud repeatedly.


I won't try to convince you to see the The King's Speech, but tell me why you won't see it.


I worry about "Skim" all the time. I'm afraid it's too similar to "The Chalk Boy."



To be frank, it belongs to a genre of film I have seen enough of and do not have a desire to see again-- the slavishly pro-royalist, well acted (and directed) semi-annual oscar bait. See "The Queen" and "The Madness of King George." I don't have anything against these movies, I'm just sick of them. They provide little to know pleasure to me.


Could be you are dumping The King's Speech into the wrong basket? I thought it was a film about the spoken and unspoken boundaries of class and the fragile nature of relationships that cross the line. It gets sappy as the dickens toward the end, but there were great moments that capture the hard parts of friendship. Don't know about "pro-royalist, most of the royals and their entourage come across as jerks. Aren't royals what they have in Europe because they don't have Hollywood to keep themselves amused?

Brad Fallon

Mind you, "The King's Speech" won the best picture today at the Oscar's!

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