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December 08, 2010


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Buffy was not so great until midway through season 2 if you're being kind, Season 3 if you're me.

I generally give new shows a bare minimum of six episodes before I cast judgment. Walking Dead had exactly that and while I found it flawed I still think it might find its footing. I'm watching next season.


My views remain unchanged from my last comment here. This show does superb zombie makeup and zombie gore. To push that to the background to make room for Playwriting 101 conversations about catching fish with Dad is deeply uncool. Sure, some of the actors are good, but none of them are better than Jake Weber or Sarah Polley or Mekhi Phifer in the Snyder DOTD remake. I really don't understand why this show is being held up as something that "transcends" zombie entertainment.

At least this last episode had Noah Emmerich and some decent suspense, but overall, sharing a network with Mad Men and Breaking Bad does this show no favors. It is not in the same league with those shows - nor even in the same league with the next tier, those pretty-good FX-type shows like Damages or Justified. What it does have is great looking zombies who make scary-ass sounds, fantastic viscera, and well-directed scares, when it condescends to provide any of those things. If the zombie content remains as low as it is now, then I will be one of those boorish mouth-breathers the critics fret about who quits watching 'cause they're not getting their red meat.


I disagree that the CDC trip was unnecessary. I think it did a few things very well: it showed us that even the CDC, in all its scientific glory, doesn't know exactly what's wrong and how to fix it (and by extension, if they don't, who does?) and it also shows us that they truly have no safe place to hide. There is no bunker that is safe enough for them to hide, there is no cure on the way, there is nothing. Nothing but themselves.

And I think before the trip to the CDC, there was always this bit of hope, this small part of them saying "Hey, the CDC knows what's happening, and the people in charge can figure out and we can just be safe with them and wait around". Now we (and the characters) know that's not true. There is no authority waiting to take them in and help them. There is no cure on the way. There is nothing but themselves.

I think it's a very powerful way to end the season. It really sets up this "Holy shit, what are they going to do now?" For someone like me who has never read the graphic novel, this is a great way to build some suspense.

Also, I have a good idea of what Jenner whispered to Rick, but I don't know for sure.

I think part of your problem is that you read the graphic novel, and you think that because it's based on a particular source, it has to match up perfectly. That's not the case at all, and I think you should ignore the fact that the graphic novel exists in the first place and treat the TV show as its own story. Just my two cents.



That's absolutely a fair cop. I do think I'm having some trouble separating the two, and seeing the show on its own. It's an interesting thing about adaptation. Obviously it's its own thing, but, especially when dealing with a visual, serial storytelling medium like a comic book and then taking it to another visual, serial storytelling medium, there is a natural overlap.

For my money, the series hasn't made an effort to separate itself from the comic yet and become its own thing. It's departed plot-wise quite a bit, but not into anything as gripping as the stuff that matched. It's still finding its way, though, so I hope it will.


The longer we have to wait the more excited I get to see the next season of The Walking Dead. And even better, this time around I’ll be able to watch it as it goes, instead of letting it build up on my DVR. I travel a ton so I’m usually out of town when it airs but being a DISH Network employee / subscriber I heard about DISH’s TV everywhere technology and picked it up. With this I can stream any and all of my programming anywhere I go to a variety of mobile devices (I generally use my iPad or my laptop). It’s so convenient to be able to take my entertainment with me like that, so I can watch my programming in the hotel rooms instead of being at the mercy of whatever that particular room has available. And to make it even better DISH is currently offering the Sling Adapter (the piece of equipment needed for this service) free! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/mKO2XE

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