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December 10, 2010


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Scott Walters

Well said, 99!

Jack Worthing

I think Bruce Norris wrote this.


I just listened to a Technology in the Arts podcast dispatch from the National Arts Marketing conference, and they told a story from Berkeley Rep about patrons who arrived late to "American Idiot" and were very upset the show had started and there was no late seating. "We didn't know we had to be on time!" they said. It's easy to want to mock this audience response, but they had never been to the theatre before, and in fact you DON'T have to be on time for a rock concert or a movie. The theatre was courting these people (Green Day fans) for this show, and it hadn't occurred to them that this might come up. The gave the couple comps for another night and free drinks, and stepped up their audience outreach to include the basics. It's so easy to do this wrong (see the Lombardi FAQ) and wind up being condescending, but if we want new audiences it's so important that we get it right. This video...not getting it right. Not even a tiny bit.


It's not funny, but it squarely says what the "audience" is thinking - that "art" should be free to them. And it clearly shows that many non-profits can't justify the ticket price for what they do offer to these "audience" members because they talk about their economic models needs instead of the need to pay musicians to make music instead of making something else.

Economically, the arts organization will lose this argument every time if it doesn't talk about the value of the art.

As to the Berkeley Rep example, it seems to me they handled it pretty well - like a decent customer service organization might (accommodating, but not changing the rules). But if they started letting everyone in late and ruining my ability to see the first 30 minutes of the play without distraction, is it fair to ask them to give me seats to a performance when that doesn't happen?


This little vid is actually is a great idea, unfortunately poorly written, and as a result not as effective as it could be. I'll admit a LOL at the "will it help the starving children in Africa" line however.

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