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January 09, 2011


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James M

I'm a dual-citizen living in Canada, and yesterday's events disturbed everyone up here, too. It's incredible to think that some people in this world see nothing wrong with violent actions being taken against other people. I do hope that politicians start to tone down their language when it comes to targeting certain individuals and such, but I have a feeling they will only spin these events to use in their own campaigns.

Sarah Palin's reality show was cancelled today. Let's hope we don't have to hear from her for a while.


I worry that the result of this will be that our politicians will become even less accessible now. Not that I could blame them when we live in a country where a total schizo- even one whose been flagged as a potential threat by local police forces- can walk into a store and legally buy a gun.


You seem to be muddling the concepts of causation and justification here. You seem to start by saying that "Marilyn Manson" (as a general concept rather than a specific instance) can justify his part in events like these, while "Sarah Palin", who is acting as an official representative of an ideology or organization, bears more responsibility, regardless of either's actual responsibility as causes of violence. The subsequent point seems to imply that "Sarah Palin" is directly responsible, while "Marilyn Manson" is not so.


That's the question I'm pondering. The general feeling on the left is that Sarah Palin is reponsible, while Marilyn Manson isn't. Is that fair? Can Sarah Palin justify her speech?


It's a great question, and prompted a sprawling answer/riff: http://fluxtheatreensemble.blogspot.com/2011/01/arizona-and-imaginative-empathy.html


Thanks, Gus, for the thoughtful reaction. It's a complicated issue and I'm still unraveling it in my head.

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