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February 07, 2011


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sam kusnetz

i disagree!

where is it written that opening night cannot or should not be postponed, even dramatically? there is no handshake deal. the deal is, once the show is open, then the press can review it. the press doesn't get a vote on when that happens, nor does the public.

if the producers were trying to have some of the benefits of being out of the preview period (like full price tickets) but not other, that would indeed be inappropriate. but this is a show that seems to be unfinished, and if the producers wish to take on the financial burden of more previews so that the cast and crew can finish their work, then so be it. it's their business.

brantley's review seems to me ignorant of a critical concept that actors, directors, designers and stagehands understand well: no matter how the show looks in rehearsal, if you have a technical problem that holds things up the show will not be any good until you solve that problem. spiderman may be awful. but it's just not reasonable to declare that as fact until the show is actually finished being created.


Scott Brown of New York magazine also reviewed it; both were excellently written, excellently critical, and by-and-large in agreement.

And as for Sam's point, nobody would have a problem with the prolonged preview period if (a) the tickets hadn't been falsely advertised as if the show were actually open, (b) the tickets for previews didn't cost as much as the tickets for the actual show, and (c) if the show were to show its commitment to actually getting its house in order by *closing* for a week to really rehearse the show, and taking the financial hit.

The artists may be innocent, and I sympathize if they've been unfairly judged by their performance in a still-changing work, but the producers aren't, and at some point, the critics have to take the devils who are squatting on the backs of the cast and crew to task for their poor policies and media relations.


"...devils who are squatting on the backs of the cast and crew..." Nice!

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