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February 23, 2011


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Isaac, he's also said this about gay marriage very recently:



Yeah, this all seems of a piece. I think for many of us who are fervently pro-gay-marriage, we thought that Obama's gay marriage stance (Against marriage, pro-civil unions) was a politically calculated dodge and that he did support marriage and that there'd probably be some point in his Presidency when he'd fake an awakening on the issue.

The events of the first two years make that seem like 100% wishful thinking... the events of the past couple of month offer some glimmers of hope.


I think Obama's never going to do what anyone thinks he's going to do and I think that's why I like him ultimately, even when he does things I don't like or understand, which I know is fucked up but for good or for ill, I'm not really a "hold-his-feet-to-the-fire" kind of fella.


I'm glad that Obama is moving forward with the legalities around DOMA, as it implies that cultural shifts are happening around how LGBTQ people are viewed in society as a whole.

I do find the nomenclature discussion to be a dicey one. The term "gay marriage" feels so heteronormative to me and steeped in so-called "traditional values." Not to mention that the term has historical implications when we consider that the process of marrying used to be about the transfer of ownership of property, namely the daughter to the new husband with an accompanying dowry. I understand the want and need for equity within the federal government's eye. I'm just not sure that I want to use the term "marriage" to describe my long term relationship with another man.

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