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April 12, 2011


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This is something I thin about a lot. As a satirist who deals a lot in camp and what you would call "cringe comedy", I would be on the opposite side of the sincerity scale as you. At least according to some people's estimation.

I don't think my work is insincere. Camp is a sensibility and is really part of a larger queer vernacular. It's the mode of telling the story, not the story itself. If anything, I think my plays and the plays of other camp writers are ULTRA sincere, because they take the unfiltered truth and blow it up.

Irony is a little trickier, but I do think irony is a tool that writers of a certain age yield to tell their stories. I don't necessarily think the use of irony is the same as an insincere work.


I like camp, too, and a certain amount of irony. But it feels somehow overpowering in our society. Or maybe just with unintended effects. Especially because things move so quickly through the body politic now. It's easy to get separated from the original source, or the original intention.

The tamtampamela thing introduced me to this Poe's Law thing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law) and how satire, removed from context, can be mistaken for sincerity. But then again, sincerity, in the wrong context, can be mistaken for satire. Is that something we should be cognizant of, as artists? Or just something we leave to the world?

I don't think camp is separate from sincerity at all. I just wonder about the audience's ability to connect to it.


they have all failed Poe's Law. what the above person said. satire isn't easy to write (or film or sing or rant about, etc).

but then again... some people are seriously dumb as hell, and can't distinguish parody from reality. See Facebook commentators on The Onion's links, and then check comments on The Daily Squibble for example (ie: the newly published parody article about Paris Hilton converting to Islam, have garnered a lot of really dumb comments from people who actually thought she became a Muslim for real)...

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